Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TV Trash - Volume 1

What happened to the Real Housewives of Orange County?  They used to be my favorite cast (probably because that’s all I knew) until I saw New York, New Jersey and Beverly Hills.  Even I was shaking my head while watching last Sunday’s episode because I just don’t find a single one of the ladies relatable. 

As this season started, I was thinking that Gretchen was the only tolerable girl left on the show, but that quickly changed during the episode that she just wouldn’t leave Slade alone.  Did she really ask him why he ordered what he ordered for dinner because he was watching his weight?  She probably would have cut off his head and used it as a handbag if he had asked her that question.  So now that Gretchen has gone to the dark side, I think the only ‘real’ person left is Don, but unfortunately I think he’s a little too real for Vicki so we probably won’t be seeing a whole lot more of him in the future.

How about Alexis - is anyone fooled?  I have no issues with people having a strong faith, but if she says “where is that in the Bible?” one more time...(I have no threat to insert here).  The best part about her asking this question for me is that she said it in the same segment in which she discussed her previous marriage AND divorce.  And WTF is with her designing a line of dresses, but only if it doesn’t interfere with her husband and children?  How does her having eighteen nannies (slight exaggeration) not interfere with the time she spends with her kids?  Argh!

I hope you all know that just because I think these women are trashy and superficial does not mean in the least bit that I will stop watching the show.  I also want to make it known that this was a tough post for me to write because I feel a little bit bad judging these people, but then again they agreed to be on this show and as far as I know they aren’t given a script to read…idiots I tell ya.


  1. love the OV but the cast, i am with you not so much!....

  2. LOL... love the post once again. I love Don too! He's my favorite. I was so sad to hear that he and Vicki were getting a divorce... well not really, because there's something about Vicki that bugs me now.

    What's the deal with the new HW, Peggy, freaking out about her daughter cutting her finger??? The kid wasn't even crying and she wanted her to go to the hospital immediately?!?! C'mon!

    The bathtub scene with Tamra and her gay latin lover was CREEPY!!

  3. I love that you are loving the blog Sheina! It makes me feel okay about continuing to write it :-)

    Yeah, I feel ya on Peggy. Her reaction to the bleeding finger is almost as bad as her Bentley for a push present!

  4. "gay latin lover was CREEPY!"