Friday, April 29, 2011

Top Sheet Yes or No?

Can someone please tell me the purpose of using a top sheet in bed?  The only possible good reason that I can think of for using a top sheet is to prevent your skin from feeling the incredibly irritating feeling of those tiny little pilly things that develop overtime on the fabric of your blanket. 

I have always felt that using a top sheet is the “normal” thing to do so I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve tried it again to see if somehow a good reason to use it developed since the last time I tried it.  The result it ALWAYS the same, which is:  Nope, that was just as annoying as last time I tried this.

The problem with a top sheet for me is this…wait…the problemS with a top sheet for me ARE:

1 – I have to be able to kick my feet up in the air after pulling the covers over me so that the blankets can wrap up under my feet/legs so that I’m tucked in like a burrito, which can’t be done with a top sheet because it has to be tucked in under the mattress.  There is nothing more annoying than staying in a hotel bed and the sheet is tucked so tightly into the mattress that all of my strength is not enough to pull out the sheet to give my feet a little breathing room.  But in a hotel, you have no choice but to use the sheet (and sometimes only the sheet) because you never know what is on the comforter.

2 – I can’t use a top sheet with Ben (believe me, we’ve tried) because it never fails that the top sheet is nowhere to be found in the morning because Ben manages to kick it off both of us.  I think he may find the top sheet more annoying than I do.

3 – It also doesn’t work for Ben and me to use the top sheet because we don’t share blankets.  Yes, I know it’s weird which is why we’ve tried using the top sheet so many times since we ARE a married couple and not two strangers sharing a bed.  However, sharing blankets doesn’t work for us for a couple reasons:  a)we both violently toss and turn throughout the night so one of us would end up without any blankets at all (usually me) and b)Ben’s blanket has those little annoying pilly things that I mentioned above, but he loves his blankets because they are  super awesomely warm quilts made by his grandma.

So…if anyone has any tips to offer for us to try using the top sheet yet again, I will gladly hear them.

Monday, April 11, 2011

How Not to Use Facebook

I’ve been a little hesitant to share this post because it’s 100% my opinion and I’m not looking to create any drama or be de-friended on Facebook because someone gets upset with one or all of my top 10 things not to do on Facebook.  These are in no particular order…

1.   Post drunk photos – most of us are friends with family members or at least a handful of people that we work with.  Do you think your aunt wants to know how wasted you got last night?

2.   Post cryptic message – I have to say this is my biggest peeve about posts.  Don’t tell everyone you’re having the worst/best day and then not tell us why.  Do yourself a favor and tell us right away so you can save yourself the extra step of logging back onto Facebook after 18 people ask you why.

3.   Comment about work – I struggle with this one.  Being that I spend the majority of my day at work there is of course always something to say about it or someone…just remember you have to go back the next day.

4.   Use Facebook to share your religious or political views – this is where some people might be offended.  Nothing against people that do this once in awhile, but there are some on Facebook that this is all they do.  It gets old and rarely does it start a meaningful debate.

5.   Constantly talk about how your life sucks – unless something tragic actually happened, your life doesn’t suck that bad.

6.   Check-in – this used to bother me because it broadcasts to the world that you’re not at home and your house is free to rob, but now it bothers me because it’s getting out of hand with how often people are using this.  Unless I’m stalking you, I don’t need to know where you are at all times.

7.   Send love letters for everyone to see – try texting or sending a personal message.

8.   Post about how much and how often you drink – similar to number one, but in this case it’s not just one occasion.  People will start to feel bad for you, but not bad enough to do something about it.  And remember your future employer could be reading.

9.   Use Status Shuffle – this is a key indicator that you don’t have anything else to do.  Save your posting for when you actually have something to say.

10. Do not post your high scores from Facebook games – I am totally guilty of doing this in the past, but now I realize how annoying it is.

PLEASE don’t hate me for posting any of these :-)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Wish I was Cool!

I always thought I would be one of those people that would keep up with the times and would always have the latest technology or fancy gadgets.  I actually thought that I was doing pretty well until I wrote the first sentence of this post and thought about what I would write next.  I now realize that I have fallen off the wagon to the future.  I don’t even have a clue how to download a song.  Heck, I couldn’t even burn a cd if someone else downloaded the songs for me. 

I’m embarrassed to admit that I gave up trying to keep with technology once Ben came into my life because I have completely relied on him to do it for me since he is so smart with computers and technology.  We have a fancy tv with a lot of options that I don’t know how to use;  a fancy blu ray player with all the cool Apps and Internet options, but all I can do is figure out how to play a move; a surround sound system that god forbid would get put on the wrong setting that would require me to watch tv in closed caption (except I wouldn’t even know how to turn that on).  Thankfully our Logitech Harmony remote is smarter than me and has a help button that fixes any issues if something isn’t turned on correctly when the system is powered up.  I’m not completely uncool though…I DO have the latest in Smart Phones, but I probably don’t use it to its ability; I DO have a Facebook account (who doesn’t?); and I DO have a blog…that gives me a couple points right?

My grandma on the other hand is one cool chic!  I thought she was super cool when I learned that she has a Mac computer (and will only use a Mac).  Then she got a Blackberry before I even knew what a Blackberry was.  She had an iPod before I had one.  She had an LCD tv before we did.  She has DVR and knows how to use it.  She has a Facebook account at the age of 82ish.  She has a Wii and still uses it.  Ben and I had dinner at her place earlier this week and I walked into her house to see her iPad docked to a keyboard.  Yep, grandma has an iPad.  WTF? My grandma is WAY cooler than me.  While we were eating, she politely asked Ben if he could help her get her house setup with WiFi.  My grandpa on the other side of the family doesn’t even know how to turn a computer on let alone know what WiFi is.  It’s crazy cool to me and I can only hope to be that hip at her age.

How cool are you?