Thursday, March 24, 2011

Target or Walmart?

So many people that I know claim they will not step one foot into a Walmart.  If you live where I live, there is good reason.  Before my town arrived in the times and built a Supercenter, I am confident that our Walmart was quite possibly the most disgusting and irritating Walmart that existed.  It was dirty, messy, and I think it made a regular appearance on the "People of Walmart" website and email chains.  The clientele was interesting to say the least.  However, the frugal person that I am, I was able to get passed these short-comings because Walmart simply has the lowest prices in town.

Shopping a Walmart Supercenter was a luxury that I was able to experience often since our parents either lived or had a cabin in town that had a Supercenter.  I would actually prefer a Supercenter over Target because of the large selection and one-stop shopping experience.  Disclaimer - there are no Super Targets near me, so saying that I prefer a Supercenter over Target isn't a fair statement).

I couldn't wait for our Supercenter to open.  I had to drive by the building site everyday on my way to work for what seemed like an eternity until the store finally opened last fall.  What a huge disappointment.  This store is literally a mile from my work and now it's a rare occasion that I choose Walmart over Target.  It's been over six months and they just haven't figured out how to run a Supercenter compared to a standard store.  I can say without hesitation that at least 6 out of 10 of the items on my shopping list are either out of stock or the brand/flavor isn't available.  I've pretty much given up on them at this point.

Since I've given up on Walmart, I'm actually starting to notice that many of the items that I typically buy at Target/Walmart are actually less expensive at Target and a lot of the grocery items are actually lower than the local (cheap) grocery store.  Amazing right?  I pay less for a much better shopping experience.

I was pleased to read an article on Yahoo! today from that Target has come out on top for the first time in four years for lowest prices when considering common grocery goods and general merchandise products.

Which do you prefer?

PS - will America PLEASE send either Scotty or Haley home?!


  1. I'm totally a Target girl. You know what I love about Target? I rarely ever have to wait in line more than 5 minutes. They always open up lanes if there's more than a few people in a line. Secondly, Target has awesome "Target specific coupons" online and via mobile.... and you can double coupons (use Target AND manufacturer coupons).

    And it's clean!

  2. Good point . . . even though Wal-Mart is VERY lacking somehow I am still drawn to it weekly . . .