Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let’s Talk Bananas

It’s seems like I’ve had A LOT of conversations about bananas lately; particularly, my crazy obsession about only eating a perfectly ripe banana.  Here is my idea of a perfect banana…

 A perfectly yellow banana with a tinge of green on top. 

I will eat a banana a day older than this perfection, but nothing more than that.  ICK!  I was actually recently asked if I wanted a “perfectly ripe” banana and when I saw the banana, I almost threw up.  See below, except the banana being offered was probably even a day older.

Bananas have ALWAYS been an issue for me and I go in spurts with eating them.  Sometimes the thought of eating a banana brings up so much dread and other times I can’t seem to get enough.  I had one of the said dreadful times during high school…..

I was all done eating so I stood up to throw my garbage in the trashcan.  On my way, I came across a chunk of a banana on the floor that looked like it had been stepped on about eight times….aka, nice and slimy and gooey and turning dark.  One look at this sent me sprinting to the garbage can to lose the lunch that I had just eaten.  (Hopefully it wasn’t Italian Dunker day because this would then be a sad story).

I recently had another awful banana experience and I think I’ve been on a hiatus from bananas ever since.  Ben and I were at the State Fair walking out of one of the exhibit buildings.  We saw two little old ladies (probably in their 80s) sitting down to eat a banana (not sure why they were eating a banana at the fair).  Anyway,  I proceeded to watch Lady 1 break off the top half of the banana and I’m thinking because it has the biggest, darkest bruise that I’ve ever seen.  Nope, she gives the top half to Lady 2 who proceeds to bite right into the nasty bruise.  I told this story to a co-worker just the other day and I’m not kidding, I nearly threw up like three times trying to tell the story.

No bananas for me for a while!

And that concludes my randomness about bananas.