Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Need a Hobby

After spending a weekend with my friend Andrea who I consider the queen of blogging and my best friend for 20 plus years, I decided that I should give it a try.  And by "it" I mean blogging. 

I have a lot going on in my life right now.  My husband and I have been trying to start a family for three years, I'm not a huge fan of my job (who is?), my husband I want to put our house on this terrible market, although I think he only does because he's tired of hearing me talk about it, and I've been considering going back to school for law enforcement which has been a dream of mine for like ten years. 

So that's a lot right?  Well, I'm starting to think that all of these "things" I've been thinking about (besides the family part) are actually just me having too much time on my hands to think.  My husband has politely told me (to avoid always calling him "my husband" I should probably just call him Ben)...Ben has politely told me before that I should get a hobby because I spend A LOT of time watching A LOT of tv, most of which are trashy reality shows which I'm sure will make a lot of appearances in this blog.  The part about watching a lot of tv that Ben doesn't particularly enjoy is that it's not productive whatsoever (especially the shows I watch). I still watch a lot of tv now, but I've managed to fit in a lot of exercise and have lost over 50 pounds in the last six months, so my excessive tv watching doesn't seem as bad now that I'm productive and healthy.

I'm getting side-tracked, so maybe this blogging won't be as hard as I'm anticipating it to be.  Coming up with a blog title however, was more difficult than one would think.  I was thinking either "I Need a Hobby" or "My Husband Says..." but they didn't seem just right to me.  I asked Ben for his advice and he said how about "The Smartest Ruley" because that is what his family always calls me and I have no idea how it started, nor do I think I am the smartest Ruley.  All of the Ruley's are smart in their own way, but I think Ben's mom (aka, my mother-in-law) deserves this title...and not in the annoying mother-in-law way...she's actually really smart.

So now that I have the title of my new blog and I've given you a little background about me, I'm going to give this a genuine try.  I haven't exactly pin-pointed what I will be blogging about, but I'm thinking it will be a mix of everything.  Trying to conceive, my take on the many many tv shows that I watch (at least I will have a purpose with watching tv now....YES! why didn't I think of this before?!), exercising and eating healthy, and any other adventures that I so choose.

I do have one disclaimer though...I have NO idea what I'm doing when it comes to blogging.  I don't follow any blogs (including Andrea's - it is only read on occasions...aka...when she links to it on Facebook or tells me that I should read something she posted).  So bare with my while I get this figured out!


  1. baring with you! this is a first GReaT post and I am your #1 follower! you will have SO many great things to write about in your life, i can't wait to read about it!! LOVE YOU BFF!!


  2. Can I just add that I also struggle tremendously with my blog name... seriously, it took me months before I could start blogging (courtesy of Andrea as well) because I couldn't think of a name.

    I look forward to reading your posts about trashy reality TV... it's my guilty pleasure!!

  3. Welcome to the blogger world! Obviously Andrea shared you're blog so I am now a follower!