Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seriously Thursday?!

It's that time already for Seriously Thursday?! with from Mrs to Mama.

Seriously…this must be the year of concerts and show for me.  I’ve gone to Chelsea Handler, Rihanna, Britney/Nicki and now I just got tickets for Carrie Underwood who is one of my top three favorite artists (along with Rihanna and Pink).  She’s coming Labor Day weekend and this will be my third time seeing her.  The only bad thing is that she’s playing at Mystic Lake Casino…well I guess that’s not so bad since gambling is pretty high on my list of fun things to do.

Seriously…I think we are about to have baby fishies floating around in our tank.  One of our African Cichlids has not been eating (although it seems perfectly healthy) and it’s under jaw has become quite large in comparison to our other fish.  I’ve read that some Cichlids are mouth brooders which means they keep the fish/eggs in their mouth until they are strong enough to survive on their own.  I don’t know though, we’ll see.  Cichlids are quite aggressive, so I’m sure if it is babies, they won’t last long in the tank.

Seriously…do not go camping without an air conditioner when the temps are 100+ with the heat index near or at 110.  Awful, miserable, and wet…everything wet!  Thankfully our friends had a speed boat that we enjoyed on Saturday so we could enjoy a nice breeze on the water.

Seriously…you need to check out www. if you haven’t already.  Everyday this writer has something hilarious to write about.  Very talented!

Seriously…one of our cats has decided that it’s no longer appropriate to shit in the litter box.  We’ve had River for over five years and Percy for nine months.  What the heck could have changed?  Thankfully it’s only in our unfinished basement, but still terribly annoying…AND we have no idea how to correct the problem.

Seriously…can’t believe it’s Thursday already, but seriously excited for the weekend to be here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seriously Thursday?!

It’s that time again for Seriously Thursday?! from Mrs To Mama.  We all know I’ve been struggling with blog ideas which is why I loved this edition, but even this is becoming difficult for me to come up with topics.  I don’t know what has happened to my brain, but I feel like I’m losing my creativity the further and further I get away from my school years.  I think need to go back just to get my smarts back.  Anyway…

Seriously…my husband Ben planned a camping trip on the river for this weekend and we have a whole hodgepodge of people going.  I’m so excited!  Activities planned are: tubing, wakeboarding, canoeing, kayaking, bags, ladder golf, a float trip in inner tubes from the dam down to our campsite (of course while drinking beer), and just having a good ole time.

Seriously…thankfully I do not drink Miller products, otherwise I might not have any beer to drink this weekend.  The Minnesota Government shutdown is causing Miller to pull all of their products from the shelf – an expired license while the Government is shutdown equals not good for Miller.  No skin off my back though…Miller Lite is awful!

Seriously…is anyone else having a hard time telling the difference between Ben and Constantine on The Bachelorette?  Does Ashley really need to keep both?  I mean c’mon, they are like the same person.  Tall, dark, not so handsome, and no personality.

Seriously…does anyone else think it’s as cool as I do that Kim Kardashian has been tweeting/blogging about her multiple trips to Minnesota including her first Twins game and partying on Lake Minnetonka?  She even made a trip to my neck of the woods in St. Cloud with a visit to Five Guys being that her soon to be hubby is part owner with his parents.

Seriously…what is my problem with Weight Watchers?  I’m still losing weight, but OMG, it’s so slow.  I’ve definitely hit a mental plateau.   My body has made such a dramatic physical change that I’m kind of okay with where I’m at now, but I know I have at least 15 more pounds to go.  I need to get over this hurdle and kick it back into high gear.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When is the Best Time to Workout?

I think a lot of people would tell you to start off your day with a workout 1) to jumpstart your day and 2) so you get it done with right away instead talking yourself out of it (like I do) later.

I hate working out unless it’s disguised into a fun activity like dancing, kayaking, or playing tennis.  That being said, I create any excuse possible not to workout.  These excuses include:

I’m too sunburned
I’m too sore
I have my period (sorry male readers…it happens, get over it)
I’m too tired
I have to watch xx show on tv (really any show is more appealing than working out)
It’s too cold
It’s too hot
I’m too full; I just need a nap first
My workout clothes are in the washer

The best solution that I could find is to get a workout in during the work day.  When I’m at work, I actually look forward to my 15 minute walks twice day because it gets me away from my desk.  It can help you clear your head from the stress or it gets you away from the monotony of a 9-5 desk job.

Ever since I started Weight Watchers and started wearing a pedometer, I have a daily goal to hit 10,000 steps every day.  With my two walks during the day, I easily have 8,000 steps by the end of my work day which makes it effortless to get the remaining 2,000 before I call it a night.

Can you find the time during work?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Which Celebrity Would You...

So it’s Friday today which means that it’s super easy to be distracted at work.  One of my distractions was being asked a great question…What celebrity would I want to spend the day with? I was asked to pick one to hang out with and one to hang out with in bed.

This is way too difficult of a question to just pick one person, so the following is my list.

Hangout with:
Nicki Minaj
Chelsea Handler
Khloe Kardashian

Hangout with in bed:
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Gosling
Zac Efron (a little embarrassed about this one for some reason)
Channing Tatum
Rihanna – not really, well maybe, but man she is HOT!  Remember my girl crush from my previous post?

After providing my answer, the next question was who would I want to drink with?  After reviewing my hangout answers, I realized that my list wouldn’t change since that’s how they made the list in the first place….duh, priorities people!

Who would you pick?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seriously Thursday?!

I'm still loving the Seriously Thursday?! topic so time to link up with From Mrs to Mama again.

Seriously…my bff Andrea gave birth to her first child Avrie and she is the tiniest baby I have ever seen and cute as a button.  I had the special treat of being able to feed her last night after getting home from my next item…

Seriously…Andrea and I made a last minute decision to snatch up some Nicki Minaj/Britney Spears tickets and had a date night last night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

Seriously…the concert was so much fun!  Andrea is one week post c-section so we were pretty mellow at the concert which was probably for the best since it was a sauna in the arena.  We were a hot mess just sitting there bobbing in our chairs!

Seriously…the concert last night was my first time at the 11 year old Xcel Energy Center.  Being that I live in Minnesota, the land of the freezing cold and hockey, it might be a crime that I’ve never been there for a Wild hockey game.

Seriously…although Britney Spears was awesome, I secretly wish (or not so secretly) that it would have been Nicki Minaj that was headlining the show.

Seriously…Upon sitting down in our seats at the concert, I couldn’t help but smell the aroma of rotten fish (ish) and I thought to myself…ok, who hasn’t bathed in the last three weeks?   In between Nicki and Britney when I was shuffling around my cameras and what not, I realized it was the way overpriced Nicki Minaj t-shirt that I bought.  It was disgusting!  I think Nicki needs to find a new t-shirt printer.  Smelly or not, the shirt is awesome!  Ben will for sure be jealous since I’m pretty sure he’d marry her if given the opportunity (wink wink).

Seriously…why isn’t every week a three-day work week?  I can’t believe it’s Seriously Thursday?! already!

Seriously...I brought our good camera to the show so I was able to get some great photos.  Here are a few of them!