Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sister Wives – Awesome! (kind of)

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the nutty Kody Brown, his three wives….excuse me four wives and 16 children in action, I suggest that you set aside an hour on Sunday to tune in on TLC.  Being a reality tv show junkie, I find the show enjoyable because it’s both entertaining and interesting to learn about their lifestyle that most of us have only heard rumors of.

I think Sister Wives is a great concept (or religious belief in the Brown family’s case), however I’m thinking more along the lines of Sister Friends so we can all have our own spouse.  After Ben and I both had a fantastic weekend with our friends, we had conversation about how awesomely fun it would be to have a house on a block that all of our friends also lived on.  The Brown family has it great (with the exception of sharing of husband). 

1 - They have like a million live-in babysitters at all times; 
2 - if they don’t feel like cooking there is always three other families to mooch off;
3 - I can guarantee there is ALWAYS something to do in their household, so there is never a dull moment;
4 - their best friends are always an earshot away;
5 - and they have enough bodies for an entire football team; 
How cool is that?

 I’m sure there are however some downsides.

1 - See # 3 – that could get old.
2 - See #4 – they may eventually be your worst enemy.
3 - See #5 – they don’t have enough for substitutions on each side.

What do you think?

In other news, Chris Brown had another temper tantrum on Good Morning America this morning…weird.

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