Friday, July 8, 2011

Which Celebrity Would You...

So it’s Friday today which means that it’s super easy to be distracted at work.  One of my distractions was being asked a great question…What celebrity would I want to spend the day with? I was asked to pick one to hang out with and one to hang out with in bed.

This is way too difficult of a question to just pick one person, so the following is my list.

Hangout with:
Nicki Minaj
Chelsea Handler
Khloe Kardashian

Hangout with in bed:
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Gosling
Zac Efron (a little embarrassed about this one for some reason)
Channing Tatum
Rihanna – not really, well maybe, but man she is HOT!  Remember my girl crush from my previous post?

After providing my answer, the next question was who would I want to drink with?  After reviewing my hangout answers, I realized that my list wouldn’t change since that’s how they made the list in the first place….duh, priorities people!

Who would you pick?


  1. Hangout with:
    Trent Reznor
    Willie Nelson
    John Gillespie

    Hangout with in bed
    Nicki Minaj ;)

  2. i am SO with you on the channing and to make you feel better Zac E as well but i would also like to add wentworth miller to my list! hang with for the day... duh... BRIT BRIT!