Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When is the Best Time to Workout?

I think a lot of people would tell you to start off your day with a workout 1) to jumpstart your day and 2) so you get it done with right away instead talking yourself out of it (like I do) later.

I hate working out unless it’s disguised into a fun activity like dancing, kayaking, or playing tennis.  That being said, I create any excuse possible not to workout.  These excuses include:

I’m too sunburned
I’m too sore
I have my period (sorry male readers…it happens, get over it)
I’m too tired
I have to watch xx show on tv (really any show is more appealing than working out)
It’s too cold
It’s too hot
I’m too full; I just need a nap first
My workout clothes are in the washer

The best solution that I could find is to get a workout in during the work day.  When I’m at work, I actually look forward to my 15 minute walks twice day because it gets me away from my desk.  It can help you clear your head from the stress or it gets you away from the monotony of a 9-5 desk job.

Ever since I started Weight Watchers and started wearing a pedometer, I have a daily goal to hit 10,000 steps every day.  With my two walks during the day, I easily have 8,000 steps by the end of my work day which makes it effortless to get the remaining 2,000 before I call it a night.

Can you find the time during work?

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