Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seriously Thursday?!

I'm still loving the Seriously Thursday?! topic so time to link up with From Mrs to Mama again.

Seriously…my bff Andrea gave birth to her first child Avrie and she is the tiniest baby I have ever seen and cute as a button.  I had the special treat of being able to feed her last night after getting home from my next item…

Seriously…Andrea and I made a last minute decision to snatch up some Nicki Minaj/Britney Spears tickets and had a date night last night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

Seriously…the concert was so much fun!  Andrea is one week post c-section so we were pretty mellow at the concert which was probably for the best since it was a sauna in the arena.  We were a hot mess just sitting there bobbing in our chairs!

Seriously…the concert last night was my first time at the 11 year old Xcel Energy Center.  Being that I live in Minnesota, the land of the freezing cold and hockey, it might be a crime that I’ve never been there for a Wild hockey game.

Seriously…although Britney Spears was awesome, I secretly wish (or not so secretly) that it would have been Nicki Minaj that was headlining the show.

Seriously…Upon sitting down in our seats at the concert, I couldn’t help but smell the aroma of rotten fish (ish) and I thought to myself…ok, who hasn’t bathed in the last three weeks?   In between Nicki and Britney when I was shuffling around my cameras and what not, I realized it was the way overpriced Nicki Minaj t-shirt that I bought.  It was disgusting!  I think Nicki needs to find a new t-shirt printer.  Smelly or not, the shirt is awesome!  Ben will for sure be jealous since I’m pretty sure he’d marry her if given the opportunity (wink wink).

Seriously…why isn’t every week a three-day work week?  I can’t believe it’s Seriously Thursday?! already!

Seriously...I brought our good camera to the show so I was able to get some great photos.  Here are a few of them!