Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seriously Thursday

I was catching up on BFF Andrea's blog today and saw that she was linking up to Seriously?! Thursday which I thought was a very clever blog topic.  That being said, I've linked up as well....enjoy!

1.  Seriously....I'm going to the Rihanna concert tonight at Target Center in Minneapolis so I've been listening to Rihanna all day today on my iPod!

2.  Seriously....I had to move my desk today to a different building across town.  Now I'm further from home and left all of my friends (except for boss).

3.  Seriously...I might wear shorts to the Rihanna concert tonight and if you any of you knew me, you know this thought would have never crossed my mind a year ago before I lost about 60 pounds!

4. Seriously...where did summer go?  We went from winter to a short span of Summer (no Spring) and now we are having the Spring we missed...

5. anyone else super excited for the next Challenge on's seriously looking like a good one.

6. Bentley seriously coming back to the Bachelorette?  I will puke if it's him behind the closed door...

7.  Seriously...did I mention that I'm going to Rihanna tonight?

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