Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday with C Mae

I haven't been the greatest at keeping up with my blog posts, so I am going to follow suit with my bff Andrea and try "Tail Wagging Tuesday with C Mae." 

Every week, C Mae provides a topic to write about your pets (she has a dog, so hopefully the topics will always work with my cats).  At the end of her post you can link up your Tail Wagging post for other bloggers to read.

Today's topic: "The Look"

With my cats, River and Percy, it's more about the tones in the meow that lets me know what they are saying, but I can at least play along with this one.

Since this is my first post about my cats, I should probably give you a quick background which is going to make this post really long... 

Prior to 2005 I HATED cats.  When I moved in with my husband Ben (boyfriend at the time) one of his roommates wanted a cat and Ben reluctantly agreed.  Drake was AWESOME and I was completely heartbroken when Drake had to leave with his owner two years later.  Apparently I had never been in the presence of any "good" cats prior to Drake...hence my hate for cats. 

When Ben and I returned from our honeymoon in January of 2007 we knew we had to get a new furry friend.  We went to the local humane society and purchased not one, but two cats (because they came together and it was a buy one get one deal).  I don't know why we bought Sully and River (formerly Beau Beau and Princess who were two and a half years old) because they were absolutely terrified when we were holding them and they wanted NOTHING to do with us.  They turned out to be the most amazing pets, both with their own unique personalities. 

River (the girl) became totally attached to me and NEVER leaves my side.  Sully (the boy) became Ben's cat.  Last October Sully died suddenly with zero warning signs to us.  The vet assumes he had an enlarged heart.  Ben and I were devastated and River became depressed (seriously, it was awful the sounds she would make).  We had to get another friend for her (and us too) so we made another trip to the humane society a month later and purchased a three month old kitten "Ted" which we changed to Percy. 

Percry has been fabulous too, so we have come to the conclusion that a cat's personality is all about the owners and how much time and attention they devote to the cat.  It took River a couple of days to adjust to Percy, but they now love each other (for the most part). Percy is still a kitten so River doesn't always appreciate him jumping on her back to chew on her neck!

Ok, so here are the "looks" of my cats...

This is the "Are you really going to make me come inside?" look from River

This is the "Don't disturb me while I'm getting your clean laundry full of fur" look from River

This is "Are you ready to play?" from Percy

This is "Maybe Percy won't find me in here"

This is "Daddy farted again" from Percy

This is "PLEASE...not another picture" from River

Finally, these are the "I love my mom" looks from River and Percy

What kind of looks does your pet give you?


  1. i sense this being a long post for me as well... but i am with you on the sounds more than "the look" we'll see what i can come up with! i heart percy!

  2. Did you ever imagine yourself saying that you "heart" any cat? Percy is pretty sweet (as in awesome)!

  3. "a cat's personality is all about the owners and how much time and attention they devote to the cat." Ha-ha does this mean that we are jerks? Not saying that my cat is always a jerk - but....

    p.s. your cats are adorable!!! Especially Percy.

  4. I'm loving seeing cats as a part of Tail Wagging Tuesday! I love those sweet "looks"! Cute pictures :)


  5. Thanks so much for linking up your kitties! I'm glad cat owners don't think it's just a link up for dogs! - C MAE

  6. Emily - so sorry for the general comment...I guess we have just been blessed with good ones so far :-)

    PS - I'll tell Percy you said so!

    and thanks Rebecca and CMae!